• Justin Hein

Commission on Teacher Credentialing Closes Investigation

Retired Teacher Facing Potential Revocation Due to DUI has Investigation Closed by Overwhelming CTC with Evidence of Rehabilitation, Mitigation, and Good Character

On Friday, my office received written confirmation from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) that it would be closing an investigation against my client without taking any disciplinary action. This was despite my client's no contest plea to a driving under the influence charge and the CTC's heightened standard of discipline for credentialed teachers who incur such a charge.

What made this case special was that my client was already quasi-retired and the charges were the result of a prescription-medicine-induced reaction while driving, which led to the underlying charges. The client had since abandoned possessing any kind of driving privileges. Notwithstanding, the client completed the necessary courses to they would needed to have completed had they sought to retain their driving license. They also completed a number of other substance abuse continuing education courses, supplied a mountain of letters of support from family, friends, and colleagues, and provided their own, detailed accounting of what took place.

At the end of the day, the "mea culpa" letter combined with the voluntary action of giving up driving is probably what won the day. Contrition--in mentality and action--is more often than not the key to minimizing licensing discipline.

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