• Justin Hein

Justin Hein to Provide Training

Justin D. Hein of Smith Dollar PC will be providing Mandatory Supervisor Training on Confronting, Investigating, and Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation, and Bullying, and other forms of abusive conduct. The training will take place in Santa Rosa on March 28.

California, being at the forefront of workplace protections, passed several anti-harassment laws last year. Importantly, Governor Brown recently signed SB 1343 which requires employers with five or more employees to provide training to all employees (both supervisory and non-supervisory) by January 1, 2020. The training must educate attendees on sexual harassment is, what the law requires, how to report it, and the underlying company’s policy and reporting mechanisms. And supervisors need additional information on their prevention obligations, including handling complaints, investigations, and corrective actions. Interactive training with examples are must -- they help flesh out those grey areas that employees and managers often struggle with is beneficial in meeting your prevention goals.

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