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Special Offer for Criminal Defense Attorneys

Justin Hein offers members of the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ) and members of the Sonoma County Bar Association's Criminal Law Section a free 30-minute consultation to review the impact a criminal plea bargain may have on a client's prospective or active professional or occupational license.

Don't Put Your Client's License Behind Bars

Many licensed professionals’ livelihoods are often reliant upon maintaining a current, unrestricted license. So, defense attorneys must be mindful of the impact a criminal plea bargain or sentence will likely have on a client's license so that he or she can be properly advised.

Criminal conviction or plea bargain can jeopardize the professional’s license. It can also lead to other unanticipated collateral fallout regarding membership in professional associations, insurance coverage, and - for healthcare licensees - privileges in medical care facilities and membership in government health care programs or insurance.

This is the case whether the crime alleged is within his or her field of practice or is something seemingly unrelated—such as common crimes like driving while intoxicated, possession of illegal substances, theft, or domestic abuse. That is because the scope of whether a crime is substantially related to the underlying profession is often much wider than could ever be reasonably anticipated. Furthermore, many licensing agencies have self-reporting obligations for licensees to report criminal convictions within a short-time frame after sentencing (e.g. 30-days).

Experienced Administrative and Professional Licensing Lawyer

Fortunately, you can depend on an experienced legal professional, such as Mr. Hein, to help navigate the field of Administrative Law and Professional Licensing Law. Regardless of your licensed client’s profession, I am more than happy to work with you to help determine the likely impact and other items to consider. I offer all members of CACJ and Sonoma County Bar Association's Criminal Law section a free, 30-minute confidential consultation to help review potential pleas or sentencing, disciplinary guidelines, and reporting obligations.

Furthermore, I can handle the administrative law representation of these prospective clients. I, likewise, will offer these prospective clients a free, 30-minute confidential consultation, low initial retainers, and affordable hourly rates.

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